The contest “Logo Design – 10 years anniversary backdrop of Hoa Phong E&C – Part 1

To celebrate the 10th anniversary \of Hoa Phong E&C, the Board of Directors has launched a Contest to design logo and symbol the 10-year anniversary of HPEC.

During the contest period, all staffs, engineers and employees of the company enthusiastically participated in the spirit of trying their best to have beautiful designs to win high prizes. In total, the organizers received 27 design entries to participate in the competition.

We would like to introduce the first 9 works out of 27 entries as belows:

Author: TNĐ
Author: Ngô Như Khoa
Author: PTD
Author: HTH
Author: TCH
Author: ĐHH
Author: PQH
Author: PPN
Author: NHC
Author ĐBQ

Above are the first 9 contest designs synthesized and introduced, please read and feel. Next time, the organizers will continue to bring to readers the next 9 designs in the series of articles introducing 27 designs participating in the contest "Logo Design - Cover Photo to celebrate 10 years  anniversary of Hoa Phong E&C (HPEC) 2010-2020" . Goodbye! and see you in the next part.